We offer a wide assortment of services for your drones, UAVs, Multirotors, Quadcopters, DJI and even FPV racers from repairs and maintenance to development, fleet management, and more. Look into our specific services by clicking the links below for more info.

Drone & DJI Service

        Need something Serviced, Updated or repaired? We offer a wide selection of Drone and UAV repair options. Your multirotor deserves only the best service so bring your drone in today.  Click Here

UAV Training

        Looking to get your 107 Certification, drone training or want to get your kids into the UAV industry? Youve come to the right place for Education. We offer training for flying, getting your 107 licence, Introductory courses for your children as well as many other drone, UAV or multirotor topics.  Click Here

107 Services

       Have a Drone Surveying Job but dont quite have your 107 Licence yet? We offer 107 supervision which means that we can either come out and complete the survey, aerial mapping, Photography Job for you OR, we bring our 107 licenced pilot out to supervise while you complete the job. Either way, you can be confident that the job was completed to the best of our ability. Click Here

UAV & Drone Fleet Management

          Looking into start using drones on a large scale but don’t want to go through the hassle of servicing and maintaining them? Our team is ready and prepared to take on even the largest of UAV fleets.  We service, maintain, update firmware, repair and monitor everything about your drone and peripherals. Our extensive multi point inspection is unparalleled. Dont worry about being out of state either because we love to travel. Click Here

Custom UAV Platform Request

        Need a Drone, UAV, Multirotor build for a specific job? We do that as well! We build everything from Micro Uav, Fpv racing drones, Commercial UAV platforms and event Multirotors you can play with in your back yard. We work with individuals, large companies as well as DOD and local Government to provide the most efficiently design UAVs need for any task. Need Flir, Thermal Imaging,High Resolution Photography & Video, aerial mapping, long flight time, exceptional design, service and Professionalism? You’ve come to the right place. We are always searching for a new challenging project. Click Here

UAV Events

        Looking to host a drone race? Letus know your budget and we’ll make it happen. We LOVE running races and we’ve done it so many times we have all the equipment to do so. Want a FPV race as part of your current event? We do that too! If you’re looking for a turn key, problem free solution then we have you covered. Need Speakers to come out to give a presentation at your event about the UAV/drone Industry? We love to talk about it too.  Click here

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