Ragnarokdrone, uav, fpv multirotor, quadcopter, racing


drone, uav, fpv multirotor, quadcopter, racing– We are working very hard to hold our 3rd race of the year at the Bone Yard just north of Tucson but as always things like this are semi hard to accomplish. We’ve been attempting this for over a year and greater men have failed attempting to throw a race at this location. We are planning for November 5th for this race but the location is still under question. We will update this race information when we solidify details.

“this stuff is a lot of work”

  • If it happens, it would be super cool, if not well, not everything works out. We will have a moment of silence and then move on to the next event. 🙂



Az Rc Fest

fpv drone racing, multirotor, quadcopter, uav,

fpv drone racing, multirotor, quadcopter, uav,We will be out hosting and camping at the AzRcFest and this race is going to be super fun. Camping the night before, Oct 13th 14th &15th. We’ll be setting up the track on the morning of the 14th and it will be available all day into the night for people to come fly.