“Great things in business are never done by one person but by a team of people unified and focused toward a single goal.”
-Steve Jobs

Thank you for checking out our page and showing interest in what we’re building. Our team is made up of passionate, dedicated individuals who want nothing more than to mold, grow and change the drone industry. We have met many amazing people so far in this industry, and we look forward to meeting all of you as well.

Meet the Team

Dustin Pennington
Dustin is the President and CEO of Flite Factory and has a back ground in a little bit of everything. Growing up in Grants Pass, Oregon, there weren't many opportunities for growth that he was interested in. After completing an 18 month tour in Iraq, he decided to move to Arizona in July of 2005 to see what was available. After being here for about 1 year, he got married in October of 2006, and started school for high performance mechanics. After that, started going to school for fire sciences, completed the fire academy and still wasn't satisfied so he began working on mechanical and electrical engineering. Always wanting to own his own business, took business, marketing, finance, web development, programming and of course a ton of math.

"Every choice you make sets you up for your next choice"

Dustin's drive, perseverance and motivation to over come everything put in front of him has set him up to over perform and over deliver. His passion for working as a team and hiring individuals more talented than him shows that he is determined to be the best at everything any one brings to the table. "I can always quit tomorrow, so why would i quit today" can be seen in the long hours he puts in to make sure everything is running smooth. Our time line is linear so its safe to say that "Every choice we make sets you up for your next choice," so make all the best choices you can.
Ted Wayne

Vice-President,  head engineer, project manager and design specialist for current projects under the Flite Factory Umbrella.
Aaron Camus
Web development, Graphic Design, Marketing, Drone/UAV manufacturing specialist, friend to children and small woodland creatures.

"I'm just this guy, y'know?"
Logan Hausherr

Marketing, customer service, Ordering manager, Drone UAV Manufacturing
Randy Eary

107 Pilot training and certifications, specializing in waivers and all parts of getting you licenced, trained and up in the air.

Tony Demastrie

Tony has been an amazing consultant for flite Factory and all our related projects. His experience has been key to the financial stability of our growing company.


You think you have what it takes to be part of the team? Send us an email at sales@flitefactory.com Subject line: I want in!