Raceflight Skinny Kid Frame

Raceflight Skinny Kid Frame


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Raceflight Skinny Kid Frame

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Skinny Kid

Skinny Yet Durable

The Making of a Hero

Designed by Brian “BrainDrain” Morris. The Skinny Kid is a frame meant to be raced. Designed to be light, strong and easy to work on. Featuring 4mm arms for both 5in and 6in props. High Quality Carbon that's cut for strength.The Skinny Kid was cut from the strongest and stiffest carbon. But it didn’t stop there, each piece of the frame was cut to give the maximum possible strength. Crash tested thoroughly and racer approved! The Skinny Kid comes with high quality Grade 5 Titanium Hardware. Not only is Titanium Lighter, but is stronger than both Aluminum and Steel Hardware. This helps achieve the Skinny Kid’s impressive weight and durability. 


2308 Power House:

Match the Skinny kid with Raceflight Warp 7, 8 , or 10 motors and learn what raw power feels like. This setup with the Revolt and Bolt Stack has already Smashed 3 UTT records, with no plan to stop!

Super Light 2205 racer:

A Skinny Kid with Triclops Arms made specifically for the Warp 5, ultra light weight, 3 hole Motors, makes for the start of a super light racer. Combine that with the RaceFlight Millivolt and Spark stack, and you suddenly have the lightest Skinny Kid on the block! 100% race ready.

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