Micro Custom Build

Micro Custom Build


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Micro Custom Build

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Micro (sub 3 inch prop) Custom Build

Parts and build service, for our standard 2-3" micro stock class base build. 

We know what many of you may be thinking... Why would you have us build a micro quad for you, when you can choose from so many pre-built FPV race drones - many with great reviews, available online for considerably less? What makes our builds worth it? Glad you asked.

While saving a few bucks on a popular import ARF/BnF kwad sounds like a real value, and on the surface, can very well be... reading through the reviews on third party sites/forums, etc, can show how frustrating it is to save those few dollars, only to wait three weeks, and upon arrival, something doesn't work the way it should... anything from a puff of smoke when you plug it in, to just... nothing, and any imaginable problem in between. Electronic issues happen - But... Who can you call? what kind of warranty comes with it? how much does return shipping to China cost? For an experienced builder, it may amount to nothing more than frustration at having to rebuild their brand new "Built" kwad, because it doesn't work out of the box, or because something was overlooked in assembly line / QC... but to someone who doesn't build tiny little flying robots for kicks, the lack of support can be very frustrating. It's sad, but it happens. A lot. 

We stand behind our work, as well as the components we sell - That's not to say that there aren't occasional issues that arise - we are talking about remotely piloted flying robotic cameras here, after all... But we're located here in Phoenix, Arizona, so even if we have to special order components from overseas, you never have to worry about expensive return shipping to China for a faulty part. Not to mention, since we aren't an assembly line of children laborers, or a prison work program, but a team of passionate, talented drone technicians, engineers, and pilots, each and every custom build we make is not only given the undivided, individual attention of one of our gifted artisans... each kwad we bring into the world is also a one of a kind, unique build specifically made for you. You get the machine that you design, built with proven, trusted parts, by masterful hands. 

Though we can't cover flying skills - or lack thereof, we do everything possible to ensure that your machine is solid, tuned, and ready for you to take off into the wonderful realm of FPV - without the headaches of dealing with trans-global problem solving, tech help, a translation / communication barrier and all that wonderful international trade stuff. You don't need to deal with a wholesale rep in China. We've got this. 

Includes:  (from available choices - price differences listed with options)

  • Frame
  • Motors
  • ESCs
  • F3 Flight Controller
  • FPV Camera
  • Video Transmitter
  • Radio Receiver
  • PDB if needed (we recommend 4 in 1 ESCs in most micros)
  • One LiPo Pack - whatever is appropriate for the build 
  • Manuals and Instructions for any components in the build that come with them.

You Will Need: (Can be added to cart during design and planning)

  • Radio Transmitter (we've got the goods)
  • FPV Goggles or monitor (if desired)

Custom Upgrades are available for additional costs, and our builds are warrantied to be free from defective components and build errors. Crash damage is not covered except where stated otherwise - i.e. certain frames and other components may have manufacture warranty for partial or total replacement, even from crash damage. We maintain close relationships with our manufacturers, and can honor many of their warranty replacements, or assist you in getting your warranty taken care of (If the manufacturer has strict warranty requirements, such as registration or copy of receipt, we will help you however we can, but are also bound to the warranty agreements).

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