Raceflight Millivolt Flight Controller

Raceflight Millivolt Flight Controller


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Raceflight Millivolt Flight Controller

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The RaceFlight Millivolt Micro flight controller is the most advanced, performance driven, flight controller ever designed. The Millivolt uses a powerful F405 MPU, accompanied with the High Speed Invensense  20602 gyro, allows it to take full advantage of RaceFlight Ones efficient code to run at 32KHz for the best Performance possible.


The Millivolt presents not only the BEST performance, but also the most STABLE performance due to the amazing vibration rejection technology implemented in RaceFlight. Our filters along with the integrated RaceFlight Gummies, allow your quad to stay in the air no matter what! Damaged propellers caused by that insane gate clip on turn 3? Not a problem. You can still finish the race! Endless days of tuning are now a thing of the past.  Our boards come preloaded with software and defaults that should fly amazing for 99% of people.

In addition to the vibration rejection technology, the SSG (Invensense 20602) gives you the highest speeds currently possible with the lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity. The Invensense 20602 gyro has never been used in any flight controller before (except the Revolt) and gives you the fastest response time possible as if the quad can read your mind.


Our flight controller comes pre-loaded with RaceFlight One. The configurator and latest stable build can be downloaded from https://raceflight.net/rf1beta . No drivers simply plug in the Millivolt and it automatically connects to the Configurator

This is truly amazing software, which flies so well you can completely eliminate prop wash. Setup is a breeze as well, just run a couple wizards and you will get right up into the air.

Setup Simplicity

Setting up the Millivolt is easy.  The solder pin layout is easy to read with motor connections in each corner. Just solder the closest motors and the wizard handles the rest,  you can put the Millivolt in upside down and backwards just solder to the closest motor pad and the RF1 wizards will handle the rest.  . The Millivolt also features DFU free updating and a self-healing and updating bootloader, just in case something does go wrong.


weight: 3.3 grams

Integrated Vibration Dampening RaceFlight Gummies

Inverter for Taranis and Futaba radios

3.3v or 5.0v for Spektrum, Taranis, etc

LED Driver for WS2812b programmable LED

High Speed 32khz gyro, lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity gyro ever used

Through hole solder pads – forms an I-Beam when soldered for extra strength

FrSky Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, JR, IBus, Sbus and other radio support

Integrated buzzer driver

Voltage and current ADC pins, for full voltage and current monitoring

Full telemetry output support

ESC flashing and configuration built into configurator

Most active software development

3.3v and 5v voltage outputs

2 serial uarts

Bluetooth expandable

F4 processor

16mb of flash memory

GPS expandable

Pins into The RaceFlight Spark Micro 4in1 ESC

Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm

Mounting holes: 20mm squared to center of holes

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