Evo F3 Brushed


There’s nothing more frustrating than getting parts and having no idea what anything is or how to make it work. The purpose of this page is to hopefully host all the FPV board diagrams we can find. We will attempt to separate them out as to make them easier to find. We are always adding to this page so if you don’t see something you need, or if you simply want to be helpful – send us images of what you have and tell us what the diagram represents, or request something that we don’t have currently listed that you think we should!








Manuals, Diagrams, and Whatnot

  • Flight Controllers
  • PDBs
  • ESCs
  • VTX [Video Transmitter]
  • Receivers [remote, Radio, transmitter]
  • OSD [On Screen Display]


Flight Controllers

F4 betaflight raceflight 6dof

f4, beta flight, raceflight, race, flight, fpv, drones, racing, flight controller, diagrams, fc,


flyduino, kiss, kiss aio, flight controller

KISS CompactCTRL AIO 4x 16amp+FC

SpRacing F3 EVO

f3, flight controller, spracing, evo, revo,

Furious Radiance FC

f3, flight controller, furious, radiance,

MakerFire Tiny-Whoop Brushed FC

makerfire, tinywhoop, flight controller, micro drone, drone

Naze REV 6

Naze rev 6, diagram, flight controller, naze,

HGLRC SP Racing F3 V4 Flight Controller


RaceFlight Revolt

Lumenier Micro LUX 

lumenier, lux, micro flight controller,


piko, micro flight controller, piko blx,

Lumenier TinyFish (ESC/FC/RX)

Lumenier SKITZO Flight Controller Powered by RaceFlight

skitzo, lumenier, raceflight, flight controller

Racewhoop v1

racewhoop, flight control, furious fpv,

ESCs (Electronic speed control)


kiss, esc, 24amp

MinimOSD (On screen Display)

minimosd, osd, oscar liang

*Naze 32 FC used in picture


PDB (Power Distribution Board)

Matek Mini Power HUB

matek, matek pdb, pdb, power distribution board


matek, fchub 6s, pdb, power distribution board,

VTXs ( Video Transmitters)


Receivers [radio, remote, transmitter]


More to be added